Pre congress - Hiking tour

Hiking in High Tatra Mountains

For all HAICA members from XLVI. AICA International Congress in Switzerland and everybody interested in hiking in one of the highest areas of the Carpathian mountains, we have prepared a special 3 days/2 nights trip.


Pre congress Hiking tour starts from Košice, where we will take a train to the city Poprad and then with the bus we will move to recreational city Stary Smokovec.

Starý Smokovec (1010m.n.m. )->Bilikova chata (1255m.n.m.)

Level of difficulty : easy

Estimated time 1:30

The first day of our High Tatra Mountains hiking tour starts in the town Starý Smokovec , along the tourist pathway to the recreational centre Hrebienok.  Here is situated our destination Bilikova chalet, where we will spend the night.


A.    Bilikova chalet ->Teryho chalet (2015m.n.m) ->Priečne sedlo (2352m.n.m.)->Zbojnícka Chalet (1960m.n.m) -> Bilikova chalet

Level of difficulty :  demanding

Estimated time : 8- 9:00

Whole day tour starts from the Bilikova  chalet, it continues along the waterfalls of the brook Studený potok towards the mountain and Rainer chalet which is the oldest mountain chalet in the Tatras. The tour runs alongside the huge waterfall called Obrovský and leads to Zámkovský chalet. Across the forest alongside the brook Maly Studeny potok then through the valley Mala Studena and then uphill to the Tery´s  chalet, which is situated nearby of five Spis mountain lakes.

After short refreshment break the hardest part of our tour following and this is traverse across the mountain pass Priecne sedlo, from which You can enjoy the beautiful panorama  of the valley Velka Studena. The tour goes downhill to Zbojnicka chalet. From the chalet Zbojnicka over tour leads across the valley Velka Studena alongside the watterfalls to our final  destination Bilikova chata, where we again will stay overnight.


Bilikova chalet-> Obrovsky waterfall-Starý Smokovec

Level of difficulty : easy

Estimated time:  1:30

Small tour starts from Bilikova chalet alongside the waterfalls to the huge waterfall called Obrovský, then returns back to the recreational centre Hrebienok. From there the ground funicular)operates to the city Stary Smokovec, which is the oldest tourist recreational area in the High Tatras.

Bilikova chalet
foto:Kristián Slimák © Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Waterfalls Studeny potok

Tour A

Mountain pass Priecne sedlo
foto: Podzemnik © Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Zbojnicka chalet

Winter High Tatras