Žilina tour


In the morning, on the way from Košice Congress to Bratislava Congress, we planned for you an extra program in Žilina.  There is also a possibility to skip the program in Žilina and take a plane from Košice to Bratislava instead.

New Synagogue

Those who are interested in attending the Žilina tour  will get a chance to visit The New Synagogue. The building of the Neolog Synagogue in Žilina is one of the most beautiful and as to architecture one of the most important Jewish constructions in Slovakia. Realized by the world-known German architect Peter Behrens during the years 1928 – 1931, the construction takes up the place of the original synagogue from 1881. Considered one of the most remarkable monuments of the modern Interwar Architecture and being of European importance, the Neolog Synagogue is since November 5th 1963 included into the central register of national cultural monuments in Slovakia. After the war the building served first as theater and concert hall, then as the auditorium of the Žilina University, and later, till the year 2010, as a cinema. The adaptation to the needs of an auditorium and cinema brought along the complete alteration of the Synagogue’s interior and installation of paste board walls covering originals architecture including cupola.

The synagogue is currently undergoing a reconstruction process to become a modern cultural institution - fine art exhibition area. The project is carried out by civic association "Truc sphérique" with cooperation and support of the Jewish Community of Žilina which is the owner of the building. The main aim of the project is to create an exhibition area of the European level. For more information please visit  http://www.novasynagoga.sk/

Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

After visiting the synagogue we will move to the train stop Žilina- Zárečie. Stanica Cultural Centre has occupied the old station building of the still operational, Zilina-Zariecie train station since 2003, combining the roles of independent venue, artistic laboratory and activists’ collective. The Station is run by the civic association "Truc sphériquea". Besides festivals, performances, concerts, movie screenings, exhibitions, workshops, residential centers for young artists, cafes and other activities, The Station continues to serve as a waiting room and a sales point for tickets from Žilina to Rajec. As a result, there is an interesting fusion of progressive cultural, educational or social activities and a public space. For more information please visit http://www.stanica.sk.

The participants of Žilina tour will get a chance to attend The Station Tour with a commentary and presentation of projects that were realized at The Station. At the end of a tour we will enjoy a picknik at The Station.

From the Žilina- Zárečie stop we will take a passenger train to Žilina train station and then take a train to Bratislava.

Neolog Synagogue,architect Peter Behrens, 1928 – 1931

Neolog Synagogue - interior, architect Peter Behrens, 1928 – 1931

Synagogue reconstruction, 2012

New Synagogue - design, realisation of reconstruction 2012-2014

Stanica Žilina-Záriečie - culture node, 2003